The Mammoth Task of Meal Planing

Everyone with an Eating Disorder will understand the pain, stress, annoyance, reliance, comfort and every other feeling associated with the challenge of 'Meal Planning'. There's times I get really into it and if I'm feeling positive it can really help boost motivation for the week ahead (whether it lasts or not, is a different matter,… Continue reading The Mammoth Task of Meal Planing


The Problem with Weighing and Weight

"You have a really good day, then weigh yourself. It's self sabotage." The words my therapist said to me at my last session. The words that have gone round and round in my mind. The words I know to be true but struggle to do anything to change. Currently I weigh myself multiple times a… Continue reading The Problem with Weighing and Weight


Parenting Vs. ED

Harvey, my (sometimes) darling, not so little, 6 (and 3 quarter) year old, means the absolute world to me but as you can imagine, raising a child single handedly is not for the faint hearted. He is a big, mass of energy and excitement. He's head strong, stubborn (wonder where he gets that from...) and… Continue reading Parenting Vs. ED