Over Night Oat Obsession

I've only recently discovered "overnight oats". I mean I've heard of them, I'm aware of the concept but I'm never really one to jump on the bandwagon. However, porridge is one of my go to, 'safe' foods right now. You know the times when you need something to eat but don't really know what to… Continue reading Over Night Oat Obsession


Breakfast Hat Trick

One of the 'big' things I've been working on since my last appointment a week ago is breakfasts. I mean, I always have breakfast, it's just that sometimes "breakfast" is at 2 in the afternoon. Apparently that doesn't count (these ED doctors can be so picky)! So for the purpose of this 'action point', I… Continue reading Breakfast Hat Trick


Things Change In A Matter Of Hours…

As you'll know if you read my previous post, I had a really successful morning yesterday and felt pretty damn good. Today couldn't be further from that!!! I umm'ed and ahh'ed about posting this but I thought "I have to! When I'm well into recovery or (fingers crossed) at the end of it, I want… Continue reading Things Change In A Matter Of Hours…